A remarkable protest of russia’s newspapers on charges of imprisonment, journalist

cee147d02d4599f8b64b46ce919a9671 - A remarkable protest of russia's newspapers on charges of imprisonment, journalist

The three Russian newspapers have the same front page, was published as a protest against the arrest of a journalist who, according to them, discussed it.

“I am/We are the Ivan Golunov,” That, report it to the front pages of the three Russian newspapers Vedomosti, Kommersant and RBK today.

Golunov, a 36-year-old journalist, who is well-known for exposing corruption in the Russian capital city of Moscow, russia. The police arrested him Thursday on suspicion of serious violations of the drug laws.

There were drugs in his backpack to be found. During a search of his apartment, there would be too onerous so far as material, are to be found.

The journalist will risk between ten and twenty years in prison if he is found guilty, it would be. He denies the allegations that have been made.

According to the newspapers, it is Golunov it framed. They’re in the hands of corrupt government employees, who are to him in silence, trying to impose. It reports the news agency Reuters.

According to his lawyer, he would also be beaten up by the police. The police have denied this.

In a joint statement, the newspapers will know that the evidence against the journalist to be shaken, that is, the legality of the arrest is questionable, and that there was a need for research in to the behaviour of the police.

“We expect that the police are scrupulous in keeping the law. We would expect a maximum degree of openness about the research. We are asking that the law be respected for all and by all.’

The journalists were protesting in the past few days, the headquarters of the police force during the new year’s demand, the case will be dropped.

A court ruled on Saturday that Golunov, pending the outcome of the investigation, placed under house arrest a fall. A small victory, according to his supporters, who feared that he was in prison and had to stay in.

For the Kremlin to let you know, the thing to keep track of.