Sunday, Hadiemicha 2.0 on the management screen

b56dd0de406af493dfa70825225fd776 - Sunday, Hadiemicha 2.0 on the management screen

Anne De Baetzelier is a Sunday evening from 21 hours to be seen in the Hadiemicha 2.0 on the instrument screen. Together with Micha Marah she will have her DNA examined. The career of Anne, began when she was chosen as Miss Belgium. At this time, the most beautiful girls of Belgium are often omroepster in the VTM’s, and that was when Anne is no different. At the commercial station, she had a thriving career as a tv presenter on a number of programs. Perhaps, it was the highlight of her presentatiewerk to Ten in Order To, on the side of Willy Sommers. Anne De Baetzelier is a moderator and presenting at the corporate presentation. Last year, they are once again in the media, rightly so, as she was part of the cast of the Winterrevue. Anne is still more to do, or has done, she will undoubtedly be Sunday night to tell you.

Hadiemicha 2.0 will also be repeated on Thursday at 14 o’clock and on Saturday at 10 am.