Ultratop 50 (Flemish Week Of The 23rd

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For five singles to leave out this week in the Ultratop 50 In Flanders. That Tijs Vanneste with a “Kzen here have been”, “Beiregoe” by David Vandyck, “Mama’s Coat “and” The chase is better than the catch”, which is “Free” from the Mo ra as well Berlaen the “Stommekloeut”.

The upbeat single “Live your life” by Lissa Lewis is the new 49. 48 for the Fourth Rénaarts with “Where the sun is shining, and the sea kiss each other”. It’s been a long time since a song by Jimmy Frey is in these charts. After his 80th birthday, it’s finally that time again, and he will experience the still Moments of happiness in 42. At 41, the fully renovated Peninsula-and their motto is “Seize the day”. The highest ranked single on 19, and will be in the name of Romeo’s, Dorothee, Vegas & Like, martin and Tour of The Romeo’s”.