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Triggerfinger & friends is to rule on the meadow of rock Werchter

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The first peak at Werchter Boutique was a band, which this year is twenty years old, and to celebrate this couple’s musical friends, had brought with him. Triggerfinger was on the pasture, such as none of them that already had taken place.

As warmlopen did a Triggerfinger with the evoke evergreens ” By absence of the sun’ and ‘the Flesh tight. Her old rock songs, which was different from that of The Pretenders, which is just on the stage had been. His big Block was found there, slightly bored, to sit in a chair: ‘We are not worthy to such a great band to play in, klonkt it out of his mouth. We, the Flemish people would sometimes, however, we have fewer documents need to be. Twenty years of rocking out at the highest level in five albums out, as well as a solid live reputation-building: you have the right to be proud, to point.

The Contrast had to be there: Fenne Kuppens came out of a jar of dark newwaven to the lord, Selah Sue, hung out with the little showbeest her version of “Mercy” from Duffy – who are hit in 2008, that not forgotten, but we have to be shocked that it’s already so old. But it’s made of the guests was reserved for the chart position. The Triggerfinger version of ‘you win’ and ‘One night only’ did not fall on deaf ears, and plaveiden the way out of the water songtrio: ‘Colossus’, and culminating in a six hands on one of the drums (guitar player Geoffrey Burton was also in that set, but he held a maraca attached), All this dancin’ around’, and ‘it’.

It is his big-Block is of the opinion that one of the Golden Circle, next year to be filled may be is with the water, the boats, and duck.” We have to give it go.