The russians make a spy novel of disaster

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It is the Russian answer to the Us series, Chernobyl, the Soviet union in a bad light, is a patriotic Agent of the series.

In the HBO series, Chernobyl, the nuclear disaster in Ukraine in 1986, more than six million viewers, a huge success for its manufacturer. In Russia the turn of the American tragedy has one of the worst nuclear catastrophes in history.
But Kremlingezinde opinion leaders, furious about the purpose of the national trauma, a difficult verkroppen. They were in the last few weeks demonstrating against the series, but more t an alternative.

NTV, which is a subsidiary of the state-owned company Gazprom, it will send soon have its own Disaster series. Other than the HBO series, the focus will not lie in the evil of the Soviet system that contributed to the disaster. Nor have the attempts of the soviet authorities in order to uncover the truth about the facts of the case accurately.

Mini-crusade in

Where is the Russian Agent, however, is going to be about? About CIA agents who are sent to the power plant, with an obscure mission, and the Soviet counter-intelligence, that their plan is impossible. That plot, according to the director Alexei Muradov is based on the theory of the existence of the American secret services, and on the day of the explosion, as a theory, said Muradov, to the Russian newspaper komsomolskaya Pravda, which a lot of historians do not deny it’.

Series of browse the PROGRAMME on a wave of attention for the Shelter, which was set up by its American counterpart. At the same time, the series is able to meet the Russian journalist Ilya Sjepelin in an op-ed for the Moscow Times described as a ‘mini-crusade’. That is, according to the Sjepelin carried out by journalists, who are in the HBO series as well as an attempt to take the foreign sales of russia’s nuclear state agency Rosatom, to oppose it, and by columnists such as Anatoly Vasserman, who believe that if the anglo-saxons, something about the Russians from the film, it’s certainly not going to match up with the truth.

Prefer to forget

Sjepelin which explains the hostility towards the Us successerie from the fact that the Russian establishment does not know what it is, Chernobyl is a place to give. Events that are not to be celebrated as the triumph, may be the prefer to forget about, according to the Sjepelin: “The fact is that it is not a Russian but an American tv station has to tell us about our own heroes, it is a source of shame that the pro-Kremlinmedia, apparently, can not live.”