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Snow Patrol: sometimes a little static

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Gary Lightbody beamed at Werchter Boutique. As he was last year at Rock Werchter festival, also after. He has every reason to do so: it’s good to be with him, since he has his alcohol abuse helped Snow Patrol-after a lull of a few years, and for the belgians to see Snow Patrol always happy to help. What is there to complain about?

Well. There should still be a thing of the heart.

It’s kind of a softrockballads that Snow Patrol you can believe, were not made in large quantities at the same time, is to consume it. We have heard this Bullshit”, at least for a time, to be a lot of moaning about the hurt of his soul, and it didn’t help that this show is completely carried by the group. Bullshit ” was outstanding, singing, love (both for the public as well as forthe mighty Fleetwood Mac’) and wall-to-wall smiles, and you get in the long term, however, as to why the others didn’t have to stand forth. The very Divisions were static and we were missing some verve on the podium.

Some songs jumped out, and, no, this was not only the first. The work fell to the ‘Empress’, and ‘Don’t give in”, for example, as the all-time classics in the making. ‘Chasing cars’, and ‘Just say yes’ do have that klassiekerstatus, and they were warmly received, partly due to three of the young girls on the shoulders of their friends to the tower were surprised to find that there Bullshit”, which clearly points out that he is such an every day saw.

Snow Patrol had to have been the front man and his songs, and that was at a time, feeling just a little bit too low to get the whey into a trance, to bring in.