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Sebastian Vettel wins pole for the race grand prix of Canada, the ‘Wall of Champions’ claims new victim

3259424e5bdcf8b007a7849ad1ee8346 - Sebastian Vettel wins pole for the race grand prix of Canada, the 'Wall of Champions' claims new victim

Sebastian Vettel at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in the polepositie for the grand prix of Canada, europe. For Vettel, it is the first polepositie since the seventeenth raceweekends. The qualification was marked by a heavy crash from Kevin Magnussen on the ‘Wall of Champions’.

In the first part of qualifying at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, we were not in much of a spectacle to be seen. However, it appeared that the Ferrari and the Mercedes is a big well-matched wares.

Sebastian Vettel reed, during Q1, the fastest time, and was a mere 0,014 seconds. quicker than team-mate Charles Leclerc. Also, Valtteri Bottas was in his Mercedes less than 0,029 sec., although Lewis Hamilton was just over three tenths to admit it.

In Q2 came in with Max Verstappen under pressure. The Dutchman drove in his first run for the eleventh time, and it was all the way at the end of the container to a spot in the top ten to take over, so to push it to the Q3.

Just before the fall of the black-and-white chequered flag, daniel, Kevin Magnussen, however, by the fact that he and his Haas F1 car at the famous ‘Wall of Champions’ form.

Magnussen ended up with a car on the other side of the track again and up against a concrete wall and his car literally until the scrap is reduced.

The red flag, and all of the riders who are still working were on a fast lap, had the gas to go. Max Verstappen was one of the main targets, just like Romain Grosjean, the team of Magnussen. As a frustrated Max Verstappen will be tomorrow, the eleventh of the race and have to start over.

Due to Magnussen, despite his crash, with the fastest ten was, we saw in Q3, when the pole position battle will be only nine cars in action.

During the first attempts at a fast lap put down, we saw Charles Leclerc, his besttijd sequentially can be improved by Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

In his Mercedes, it was Hamilton’s two-tenths quicker than Vettel. Bottas, the team-mate Hamilton spun off at the beginning of the round, and was just in to get his Mercedes out of the wall and keep.

Hamilton improved in the second run, his lap time. Charles Leclerc was unable to use the time for Hamilton to go, but out of nowhere it came, suddenly, and Sebastian Vettel, with the absolute besttijd. In the Dark and drove a good lap and got the pole for the race. Vettel was screaming with joy on the radio.

Sebastian Vettel, therefore, on the pole next to him, Lewis Hamilton on the first weekend. Team-mate Charles Leclerc will start as the third and Daniel Ricciardo won, somewhat surprisingly, in his Renault, in fourth place, his best qualifying so far this season.

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