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Sam, Bettens for the first time at the K’s Choice: “It feels like 30% stronger’

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He’s after. In a literal sense, for the whole hour. For the first time, was Sam Bettens (46) with different K’s Choice at that stage, three weeks after he went to live as a man. Still no sign of a baritone, of course. But trust it? That’s got to be a clone of the one. “I feel nothing but warmth and gratitude. ’

There was a mass of people, the first one sold out in a day of Success, and the dorpsfestival of the Ols. 9,000 visitors, to be exact. You can have: the line-up with Arsenal, Triggerfinger and the Band was doing that all weekend tickets well in advance for the door to fly out. But until then, K’s Choice, last night, his set started, it was really playing the drums. A visitor, who’s debut album of the Sam, Bettens wanted to miss out on. Three weeks after he made his transition from a woman to a man, to announce it in The stand, rose Bettens on the floor. If so, how could meebrullers as ‘Not an addict’, and ‘Believe,’ sound of now Sam and not Sarah’s? However, for now it is the same. These first few weeks of taking Bettens, a lower dose of testosterone so that his vocal chords to get used to the handling. And practicing with a vocal coach in order to not head off to the singing. Now, the old K’s Choice? No, that is not there any more.

Sam and his friends’

For the first time, it was K’s Choice will be announced, as Sam and his friends’. In a statement Bettens himself, smiling, strength, to put on a T-shirt to wear with the words ‘Game Boy’. And, at the suggestion of the group, schrééuwde his name. “I’m really, really looking forward to tonight,” said Bettens. “And yet I feel only warmth and gratitude.”

The fans, though. After each song, have been Bettens and her brother Gert (49) it is showered with applause from the audience. Their parents were in the audience.

Everything feels like thirty per cent, stronger at, ” said Bettens. “For me, and hopefully for all of you. Each and every word that I sing, suddenly has a new meaning. In order to be here with all my friends, family, and you, and that is what makes this day special. I could not be happier with the prices.’

To do so, what Bettens is the best it can: with a great: I’m not an addict, tearing into the tent and blow it up. Success was the first, and then tell the rest of the country, it’s also K’s Choice and have one hell of a singer.