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Rain is to play Dominic Thiem, and Novak Djokovic moved: semi-finals of Roland Garros just prior to the end of re-suspended

5c92417beb2e36dda7502b63fb65a8c6 - Rain is to play Dominic Thiem, and Novak Djokovic moved: semi-finals of Roland Garros just prior to the end of re-suspended

Rafael Nadal has his opponent on to the final of Roland Garros, still do not. Dominic Thiem is a sign of that final, but the semi-final between the Austrian and Novak Djokovic was close to the end of the fifth set, just as we shut down on a regular basis. The two men waiting now for the game to resume.

Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem, had on Friday in their semi-final, stop on by continued rainfall. Thiem was the first set to be set 6-2, but the Serb is number one in the world, responded immediately with a win in set two (6-3). Djokovic and Thiem began the third set, but the finish proved to be due to the rainfall, is not possible. The match has been stopped at an intermediate position of 3-1 in favor of Thiem.

After the rain (and sunshine)

The rain clouds were in the night from Friday to Saturday, to empty – it seemed to at the outset, however, the sun seemed to lavish in Paris, and it was Djokovic and Thiem on Saturday at noon in their semi-final to continue. He took a running start, and it worked to his disadvantage on the Bike path, but he is not going to be accepting. The result was a thrilling end of the set.

To be a outcome of a 6-5 before Thiem was in the audience for a moment on the edge of your seat for two. He took the advantage, but failed subsequently to the right to pull out. The second goal did Thiem will then have a set lying around. He could not then finish off the third goal, and then Thiem and two set points had to lie down. In the last two, it was over at last, touch the number four in the world: the end of set three, it was 7-5.

The fourth set seemed to be in favor of that He has to tilt it, because it was an early 4-2 in favor of the Serb. To Thiem in a higher gear went up omboog in a 5 to 4 lead. Strong and Novak was in the box, and the Serb did not disappoint. It was 5-5, and after Thiem at the critical moment, a double-fault, was also 6-5 on the scoreboard. Nole sailed through it and made it there without any discussion, 7-5, making for a winning the fifth set was needed.

In the fifth set, it seems Dominic Thiem is a hand in the victory, put to. The Bike was currently 4-1, when the match again, stopped, and had to be out by a sudden shower of rain. In the state in the last game 40-40. Will be soon continued.