Meghan Markle is present on the birthday of Queen

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Markle is officially on maternity leave, but she is still in the ” flag parade, the colour, the official celebration of the birthday of the Queen.

With the birth of Archie Harrison, Mountbattan-Windsor, on the 6th of may, Markle in a few months will not be seen in public, because they are on maternity leave, it is. On the occasion of the world she creates, however, is an exception to the rule. On Saturday, the official celebrations take place, the flag parade, the color. According to CNN, will make a baby Image, however, is not that of the party. The husband of the Queen, prince Philip, will not be there. He wanted to 2017-retired and will take place on Monday to 98 years of age.

Catherine is the wife of prince William was also present at the flag parade and the colour, while she is on maternity leave.

In addition to the royal family for more than 200 horses, 400 musicians, and over 1,400 officers on Saturday to participate in the ceremony. The parade route goes from Buckingham Palace to the Mall and, eventually, the House Guard’s Parade in Whitehall. The members of the royal family will follow in a horse and carriage. As the Queen rode past them on a horse, but over the last few years, riding in an open carriage. Once in the palace, having arrived, the royal family gathered on the balcony to see the aircraft of the Royal Air Force and to see it through.

The real birthday of the Queen, on april 21, but official celebrations will take place on the 10th of June and will take a while, sometimes for a weekend. Queen Elizabeth, it was a 93 and it has been for the past reigning princess of the united Kingdom. The troopin ‘ the colour, makeert all of the 260-year anniversary of the British king or queen.