Import taxes between the U.S. and Mexico will be suspended due to migratiedeal

f45fceae2f0da9c9dca21042824f7c4f - Import taxes between the U.S. and Mexico will be suspended due to migratiedeal

In the United States and Mexico have signed a deal regarding the approach to dealing with illegal immigration. As a result, the Monday-scheduled import duties on Mexican products would be suspended. That is, the Us president, Donald Trump, via Twitter, have been reported.

He had all of his cards to see that there is a good chance it was in an agreement with the neighboring country of Mexico.

With the introduction of import duties on Mexican products by 5 per cent, it is ‘indefinitely postponed’, according to the president. Mexico has, according to Trump, in return, agreed to important measures to take in order for the migratory flow in the country and in the southern united states border in in reducing.

National Guard

Mexico will be on show from Monday, with the National Guard deploying to the southern border with Guatemala, to the influx of migrants to a minimum. In addition, asylum seekers who are in the U.S., the income will be sent back to Mexico, where they are, the application will have to wait and see.

According to the Mexican ministry of Foreign Affairs of the agreement between the two countries to be fair and balanced. Marcelo Ebrard, said that the united states, in the first instance, a lot of demands were made, then the agreement stands. “We have come up with a focal point,” says Ebrard.

The agreement allows the two countries to negotiations aimed at dealing with illegal immigration is to address to continue. Within ninety days the calls have been completed.

He used to import up to now, mainly as a weapon in the struggle for better terms of trade to improve, with countries such as China. In the case of Mexico and demanded that He also be, that the neighbouring country is the influx into the U.S. of migrants from entering the system.

The import levy of 5 per cent, on all goods, Mexico, on Thursday, may 30, as announced by the Home. The charge would be from the 10th of June, going into July 1 was increased to 10 per cent if Mexico is not sufficient, the steps undertaken to, amongst other things, the issue of migration to deal with it. Since then the rate will gradually be increased to 15% as from 1 of August to 20 percent as of 1 september, and 25 per cent as from the 1st of October.