Heidi Van Tielen ready to go at Qmusic

7dfe919b38fdfd70ff904b30ca051496 - Heidi Van Tielen ready to go at Qmusic

Heidi Van Tielen, this weekend is expanded to include the word in the newspaper Gazet Van Antwerpen. Of her impending farewell to Qmusic is in order. “Well, there wasn’t a single point in time,” she says of the decision to call it quits. “This is a decision that I was not about to take any chances’m gone. Each and every year, especially at the end of the radioseizoen is approaching, you are going to the things that overschouwen, and weigh out the pro’s and con’s to another year to do it. I have a ochtendshow in the Q for three years with pleasure. But I’m not sure how the next three years to do the same, I was still just happy-making. Yes, I have amazing opportunities were provided. But a lot of people recognize that the world shrinks when you are for many years with the same employer is. I would like to have my world open. It was one of the reasons for it, to stop it. It certainly wasn’t because I was no longer happy to do so. Now stop it, will the good times continue to prevail.”