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Formula 1 is introducing budgetplafond of 175 million dollars

d55271c1a4be83097d4d914192b6a16a - Formula 1 is introducing budgetplafond of 175 million dollars

After a few years, the decision has finally been taken, and the Formula 1 is introduced, starting from 2021, a ‘budgetplafond of 175 million dollars.

With the introduction of a so-called “budgetplafond” in the “Formula 1” and has a lot of years, but now, at last, there is an amount and a date on them. In 2021, it is so far, and will be the team to budgetplafond need to keep track of the usd 175 million, which amounts to around 155 million euro.

In the discussion that went on over the past few years, mainly concerning the amount of the costs that the teams that are under the budgetplafond would be. In addition, it is also a question of loopholes to close.

Manufacturers such as Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, for instance, would be the staff and put onto a different branch of the company so that the cost is not covered by the budgetplafond of their F1 team, they should fall.

The budgetplafond of 155 million euros, is much higher than that of the smaller F1 teams have been hoping for. They had hoped to get a budgetplafond of approximately 135 million euros. The total amount of 155 million euro, however, it is considered to be a compromise compared to the big manufacturers who did not participate were to be the “Formula 1” to the left.

However, it remains the case that F1 teams, like Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are likely to be firmly on their spending, will need to watch out for. Currently, they would have, reportedly, about 200 to 225 million per year in expenditures that is below the budgetplafond fall.

The FIA said that a strict watch will have to be in compliance with the budgetplafond. The F1 teams may be championship points and lose if a violation is detected, an F1 teambazen be able to even have their FIRST license to lose.

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