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First cover of the Tintin comic sold for million euro

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In the U.s., Dallas is the original artwork of the first cover in a Year goes under the hammer for 1,125 million us dollars (992.000 eur). That is, the auction house, Heritage Auctions stated.

In the drawing, it was on the 13th of February 1930, which was published, and it shows Tintin in reportage, in the land of the Soviets, while he was out of the trunk of a tree as a prop for his plane. His dog Bobby is looking at him, all wrapped up in bandages.

Hergé, the adventures of Tintin in the land of the Soviets”, from January of 1929, each and every week in the local newspaper , Le Petit Vingtième, the kinderkatern of the Belgian newspaper “Le Vingtième Siècle”. Due to the success of the comic strip Tintin was expanded from 8 to 16 pages, and is as of February 13, 1930, and the strip of release of the newspaper was published with the first cover, with the drawing that was auctioned off as it was. In september, 1930, and is the first true comic strip ‘Tintin au pays des Soviets’, which was published.

Most of the old covers of the Tintin comics are located at the Hergé museum in Louvain-la-Neuve (belgium). In the drawing, which is Saturday, is sold in the future, it is made with China ink and watercolors, and Was gehandtekend. In the drawing, was taken by Was the newspaper publisher paid to be on the cover of the press, and eventually ended up in Brussels, have been found. The identity of the seller, the seller and the buyer shall not be released to you.

Tintin breaks the regular sales records at auction. It’s not the first time that the old covers and illustrations for more than a million dollars on the auction block to go to.