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Ferrari was at the top of the last class in Canada, Mercedes-dog

c0eff55c5e29ff7fa5be010207499952 - Ferrari was at the top of the last class in Canada, Mercedes-dog

During the last training session before the grand prix of Canada was in a Ferrari and at the end of the session, with both cars all the way to the top to find it again. Hamilton and Bottas followed the Mercedes at a distance.

For the last time, in case the F1, the drivers, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to drive in order to be ready for qualifying and the race.

Just as they were during the practice sessions on Friday, we were given a spectacle to be seen. In thuisrijder Lance Stroll, the flames in the rear of his car. The flop fell down to the pit lane where the team it into the garage and pushed.

Also the famous ‘Wall of Champions’, that is, after the session of yesterday repainted, had to be led to a new victim. Romain Grosjean drove in his Haas F1 car up against the wall, but luckily the damage is somewhat limited.

At the top was the fight for the fastest lap time between a Ferrari and a Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel finally had the fastest time for his team mate Charles Leclerc, and Hamilton, and Bottas in the Mercedes.

It looks as though we will qualify, which is at 20h Belgian time) from the start between the Ferrari and the Mercedes is a great match for the polepositie’ll have to see.

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