Boris Johnson will not be prosecuted for ‘lying’ about a Brexit

9c1743f62bb0c1fcc1955a4719aef4d5 - Boris Johnson will not be prosecuted for 'lying' about a Brexit

Boris Johnson, who is the successor of the resigning prime minister, Theresa May, should not, in a court of law to appear because manner of lies about the Brexit. That is, the high Court in London on Friday, agreed.

The 29-year-old activist, Marcus Ball, who will be fighting in the United Kingdom, the European Union, against the 54-year-old former minister of Foreign Affairs, had filed a complaint.

According to Ball, Johnson, at the referendum held in 2016, and the public of the lies preached to them, and the people on the wrong track, to put.

A district court judge ruled in may that the complaint was not against Johnson, was admissible. But for now, she was, by the justices of the Supreme court, therefore, overruled.

Johnson was said to be in the United Kingdom on a weekly basis more than 350 million pounds (400 million euros) with the European Union, should have to pay money, which, according to him, the better, in the health service, the NHS, can be invested in. What Johnson is doing so concealed, that Great Britain, with a significant portion of that amount back.