Yves Segers, enjoy the good life

2f789970fd849294220e962668e4ef9a - Yves Segers, enjoy the good life

This is always nice ambiancezanger came just a couple of weeks ago at the wedding with my new husband, Tom, and now he is again along with a new stunning ambiancehit of the picture! ‘Good Life’, a motto which is, Yves Segers, and since his marriage is bound to be even more perfect than before. ‘Enjoy each and every day… because life is short.’ In other words, it is a positive and inspiring message wrapped in an attractive and musical approach.

He is looking forward to a drukgevulde the agenda for this summer… and there is, of course, be no doubt that He’ hit ‘Good Life’ this summer, the ground will shake under many a tent.

Joie de vivre by Yves Segers, appears today as a digital download, and streaming.