“We are worse treated than the Brexiteers’

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The Catalan secretary for Foreign Action, as Alfred Bosch, is to require a visit to Brussels to complain about that, Carles Puigdemont, and Tomi Comín not have access to the European Parliament, have got.

As Alfred Bosch, a Catalan minister for Foreign Action, you will find that in the European Parliament, the color needs to be found, and decide whether or not it is a democratic institution, it is, however, that they are a bureaucratic machine that is the legs of the member states, and dances. That’s what he said at a press conference in Brussels, belgium.

The reason for the refusal of the European Parliament, in order to Carles Puigdemont, and Tomi Comín, a temporary accreditation is to be awarded. Two Catalan separatist politicians will be on the 26th of may, as a member of the European Parliament are elected for a LLiures per a Europa(Free Europe). They will be staying for more than a year and a half in Belgium, because they were on the flight to the Spanish court that they want to try for, among other things, a rebellion.

And when they are, just like all the other elected Spanish Meps and their accreditation, and wanted to get, it turned out that their names were doorgeschrapt on the list. The question, in order to give them the access to the refuse, it was at the request of the Spanish political parties, the socialist PSOE, and the christian democrats in the PP and on the first of the Ciudadanos.

Procedural-matter of

The president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has addressed this question. Also, he is a temporary accreditation, with all the Spanish Meps will be suspended. They will perform their final accreditation, only if they are located in Madrid and will have to register. If Puigdemont, and Tomín go to Madrid it would go, then they will be arrested on charges of rebellion, secession, and theft of public funds.

The Catalan minister for Foreign Action, it says that there is not a single act, it is required that the future of the Spanish Meps will be first on the Madrid register. According to him, it was a red-procedurekwestie. He said that the European Parliament, where it is allowed by it. Bosch criticises the way in which the Catalan’s are elected members of parliament are to be dealt with. “It’s as cynical as that of the Catalonian politicians, who are so pro-European, it is even worse to be treated the Brexiteers,” he said.


According to Euronews, the three vice-presidents of the EP, their thoughts on the decision by the European Parliament. They want to be, that is the question soon to be discussed.

On the 2nd of July the new European Parliament for the first time. By that time, it would raise the question of the accreditation need to be resolved.