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TV-tipps. The one and only James Bond without the sex appeal

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Terrasjesweer, it is not in the least, so I’ll just have the long weekend to work for the tube?


NPO 2 20.25-22: 00

A mix of Lost in translation, and The missing, this exciting new series, which takes place in hong Kong. A British professor must be out of his perished wife’s identify, and it makes one shocking discovery after the other, over his wife, and hong Kong).


In Q2, 20: 35 hours

This is unique in the world of James Bond. The role to George Lazenby, and that turned out to be expensive for what you get: Lazenby, had about as much sex appeal as the hair of an opponent, Telly Savalas.


BBC 1, 23.35 hrs

Very stressed and tense this show is, but if Stephen Fry was a guest, then we can have a lot of it. Fry comes in to talk about his literary tour of the Mythos: a trilogy.” There are way to change channels for the musical score on his act to start, because that’s tonight’s Tv.

4 in RESPECT of

Canvas 20 pm

The National Bank of Belgium, came in today with a new economic forecast. That’s the big problem continues to be the budget relating to them. Bart Van Craeynest, the chief economist of the Flemish employers ‘ organisation Voka, it gives more of an explanation. After that, a report on the social security system. Vlaams belang and N-VA have been saying for a while that she is a progressive social security system would like this: people should then be the first to contribute to the system, they have access to unemployment insurance benefits. But is that even possible? And that is, that the system may already be in the foreign country apply? And Patrick Diamond, a professor at Queen Mary, University of London, tells the story of how it is to do with the Conservatives after the retirement of Theresa May.