The two women have been attacked in London, where they refused to kiss each other’

c79abe0755cb09eaf32f02360c87b501 - The two women have been attacked in London, where they refused to kiss each other’

The two women are at the end of may, was attacked and robbed on a bus in London, the police are not considered to be a homophobic attack. Of the victims, told the British media that they were attacked because they refused to accept the demand of their attackers, each other, to kiss each other.

In London, the police reported that the incident took place on a night that was, however, in the West, Camden in the greater London area. The victims were both twenty-somethings.

After the two women were seated on the bus, they were approached by four men who are lewd and homophobic remarks began to make, according to a politieverklaring. “Not long after that, the women were attacked and repeatedly beaten, and the men at the time. They stole it during the attack, a direct dial telephone and a purse.’

The two women had to be hospitalized with injuries to the face.

Harsh comments

One of the victims, a 28-year-old Melania Geymonat (italy), said on Friday at the BBC” and that the men in them began to bother them after they had noticed that she and her best friend, a couple of. “They surrounded us and started to be very aggressive to make comments about sexual positions and lesbian community, and demanded that the two of us could kiss each other.’

“I looked at the situation, to de-mine, with some of the jokes, such as that of Chris, my friend, for them not to understand, because they don’t speak English. She was at any given time, even though she was sick. But then they started getting more into our list. Before I knew it, Chris was at the center of the bus, dragged, and beaten up.’

“I ran out of reflex, immediately go to see her again, at which point they me to attack. I was so furious with the flow of blood.’

‘Abominable attack’

The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, responded in the meantime, on Twitter, at the point of attack. “This was a brutal attack, it was driven by pure misogyny. Homophobic violence will not be tolerated in London.”

The police in London, calling any witnesses to contact us.