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The mystery of the unopened champagne bottle, after the F1 race

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Alfa Romeo, the mystery is revealed around the unopened bottle of sparkling wine who is Robert Kubica, after his victory at the grand prix of Canada in 2008.

In Hinwil, the home of Alfa Romeo, the world is a glass, containing twenty-seven bottles of champagne. Each and every bottle is drawn from a stage in which the team has scored in its capacity as Sauber or BMW Sauber. One of the gems of the collection is, of course, is the instance of Robert Kubica, that Sauber is his only victory in its history, donated it to the grand prix of Canada in 2008.

The special thing about this bottle is that it is the only one that has not yet intervals it is. Over the years, the legend has been created that Kubica after the race, so blissfully happy that he forgot all about the champagne, and enjoy that the story was told to the new employees.

Now the stage of Alfa Romeo, which is a probe in, for once and for all, to make it clear to you why it is that such a bottle is still not intervals, it is.

“It’s a wonderful, Sauber’s story is one that the human side of F1, let’s see,” said the team. “It’s not true.”

In 2008, the wish that Robert Kubica should be left empty, for they are from the stage and into the hands of the team gave up, they had to make to the debates around the jewel to keep it between BMW and Sauber.

“Both BMW and Sauber wanted to be a special souvenir to keep from Sauber described as ” the sweetest of champagne they’ve ever tasted have had. We’ll have a point begged, but in the end it was the BMW in the battle for the bottle, won the and it is now on display at their headquarters in Munich, germany.”

Sauber asked at a later stage in the F1’s if it would be possible to create a replica of the bottle, and it is, therefore, the particular instance in Hinwil has to offer.

“On that day, we opted for the special remembrance of one of our partners. We did that in style, and with the grandmother. be done at a later, more memories to be made.”

“The event we held. From then on, we have him, the one that we have yet to have the smell of ” baptized.”

It was the only win for BMW-Sauber at the end of 2009, and the Germans had to pull out of F1.

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