The hearings on the extradition of Huawei topvrouw to start in January

fb2c16530bad7f0ea286591d2f4897ef - The hearings on the extradition of Huawei topvrouw to start in January

The public hearings on the question of whether, Meng Wanzhou, as the topvrouw of the Smartphone in december and was arrested in Canada, extradited to the US to start on the 20th of January by the year 2020. That has to be a judge of the district court and a restaurant, according to local media on Thursday to decide.

The final hearing is scheduled for release in October 2020, according to a calendar which is drawn up by the lawyers for the various parties involved.

The chief financial officer of Huawei, it was on december 1 arrested in Vancouver, at the request of the U.s. justice department. Who tells them that the Us has imposed sanctions against Iran, of course). Well, they would, by way of two branches, industrial secrets, ontfutseld of the U.s. telecoms group and T-Mobile. The advocates of the Mix, denying the allegations.

Security deposit

A few days after her arrest, became a Mix is released on the security. She’s got an ankle bracelet and had to have her passport issued. Her arrest led to a tightly wound tension between Canada and China.

China picked up in its turn, the Canadian ex-diplomat Michael Kovrig as well as a consultant and businessman Michael Spavor, on. It is to be suspected of being a spy. The two other Canadians who were sentenced to death after they are found guilty of drug trafficking.

“Canada is a constitutional state’

China, in the case of a way to Ascend ‘ is the flagship of its industry, to subvert it, but according to the prime minister, Justin Trudeau is not a matter of ‘political interference’, but it is Canada, as a ‘rule of law’.

The final decision on the extradition of the Mix is by the Canadian minister of Justice, and David Lametti. In an announcement to let Huawei on Thursday, namely that it is “optimistic” that the regulatory system in Canada to be the case in a fair and efficient manner, it will settle in the advantage of Mixing’.