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The Google Cases, the ‘Netflix for games’, it comes back to Belgium

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The ‘Netflix for games’ on Google, a Netflix-like price of only $ 9.99 per month, you get Google’s steps in the house. It’s not clear if that is for our country, for a price of $ 9.99 is.

But in Belgium, it is known as one of the eight countries in which Google will Phase it in beginning of november has been launched. And it was still a great surprise to the Belgian gaming fans in the Stages, the range will be Baldur’s gate 3 , a new game from Larian. Belgian developer made a name for his Tennisgames, and brought out, as appears to be the order for the delivery of the Baldur’s gateseries. At each stage-launch, and called the Larian boss Swen Vincke Baldur’s gate 3 is the biggest game we’ve ever made.”

Google in Stages, making it possible to develop advanced games for you to play on any screen: pc, tablet, smartphone, or tv. That’s because the games are actually running on a specially-developed to Google’s servers. An internet connection of 35 mb per second and allows you to play games in Ultra-HD (4K).

There is, however, a snake in the grass. Please note that some games will not be included in the Phase plan, it said on Google last night. You will have to individually purchase at a known price. Los purchase it without a subscription can also be done. Google showed the next Baldur’s gate 3 and also to the shooter Ghost recon: breakout, an adventure game called Gylt , and The division by 2, but it was not clear which of the games in the subscription, are included in the price. Those who can’t wait, you can take it right now for $ 129 a of the Stages, Writer’s Edition-pack-pre-order. This includes a three month subscription, a controller, and a Chromecast, Ultra, to games to tv to books.