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The first match of the play-offs Euromillions lottery League: Oostende, eat home advantage of Telenet’s Giants

49000a4d4ec7266e1bf734c8237fe5d3 - The first match of the play-offs Euromillions lottery League: Oostende, eat home advantage of Telenet's Giants

For the second year in a row, Telenet started Giants of Antwerp, the titelfinale a valste time. The Inhabitants had been opened, and after the capture of the poleposition in the house, and the grand finale of the final game of the EuroMillions League, at a packed and riotous, Lotto Arena, after all, a defeat. Champion in Ostend, relished, so immediately, the first home advantage decreases. The kustploeg previously and has achieved a well-deserved victory. When the team from West-flanders on Sunday (20: 30) at the Versluys de clermont-Ferrand, confirm, eliminating the use of an eighth successive title.

Telenet Giants Of Antwerp, Ostend, 67-73

Sinjoor, Vincent Kesteloot, opened the debate, and continued to bomb Ostend, taken at 0. Htc to Angola in the following example, and it dropped even a few triples, and the study tour was for the team from West-flanders 7 to 10. In Paris, Lee was not initially out of the clutches of the Htc Angola, but the Giants wanted to be in a tense beginning is true and it was a collective one, and a three pointer by Yoeri-Blades, and a diligent and Tyler Kalinoski, the connection. In Paris, Lee also came up to score at 17-15, was the first to Antwerp’s advantage as a matter of fact. The momentum was with Telenet Giant of Antwerp, and with a quick basketball and went on to a 24-17 lead after the first quarter.

Telenet Giants royal Antwerp in the second slide, his momentum continues. But some say, Elias Lasisi has scored at least five points in a row to Ostend, but Tyler Kalinoski, Vic, Sanders, and Thomas Akyazili had developed a high speed, and 30-25 was quick to 37-25. Vic Sanders is a neat to a maximum of 41-28, and Ostend, was hung in the ropes, but also showed flexibility. The late transfers, Htc, Angola, and Shevon Thomspon showed their appreciation and with TJ Williams is on the floor milderde the kustploeg to a 41-35 position. A spectacular Jae’Sean Tate’s time with the Giants, from about halfway up to a 45-37 bonus.

In a chaotic start to the second half of

With the start of the second half was chaotic, and despite a 50-39 lead, and a technical failure for a coach Dario Gjergja forgot about the Giants, by the way. Nemanja Djurisic was the driving force behind the 0-9 tussenspurt: 50-48. Vic, that He had dried up with thirst (56-51), but with a basket on strong Nemanja Djurisic, took Ostend after a three-quartz, and, in spite of dispossessions in the terminal: 57-56.

Ostend for the smoke at to a come to a standstill, Telenet Giants of Antwerp, however, in the blood. With a bomb, the ex-Giant, Jean-Marc Mwema, it came in at 59-61, again in the lead. After an unsportsmanlike mistake of Ostend, was by Paris Lee to a 65-61 for the Giants. Shevon Thompson and Elias Lasisi responded to 65-66 with 2 minutes, 36 seconds on the game clock. In a fast-paced castle remained in a poor afwerkend Telenet Giants-Antwerp (22 of 61 shots) level. It had to Oostende with no need for profits to cash in. Shevon Thompson (12 points, 11 rebounds) led by fisheries and vrijworpen Ostend for the win. The Giants scored in the second half with 22 points.

Telenet Giant Of Antwerp: Akyazili 2 , Lee 11, Tate 9, Vanwijn 2, Sanders 17, The Blades 3, Bako 3, Dudzinski 8, Kalinoski 10, Donkor 0,

Ostend: Williams 4, Lasisi 8, Schwartz 1, Mwema 6, United Kingdom 19, Desrion 0, Djordjevic 4, Thompson 12, Kesteloot 6, Fieler 3, Djurisic 10

Quartz: 24-17, 21-20, 12-19, 10-17

The program-final play-offs (best-of-five):

On Sunday 9th June 20.30-Ostend, Telenet Giants

On Tuesday, June 11, 20.30-Telenet Giants-Antwerp-Ostend

On Thursday, June 13, 20.30-Ostend, Telenet Giants-Antwerp (if applicable)

On the 15th of June: 20.30-Telenet Giants royal Antwerp-Oostende (if applicable)