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The Boom of the Security Token is about to Coin Hero

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The Boom of the Security Token is

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Great developments are expected in the Security Token, and stablecoins, says crypto expert, Markus Miller in an Interview with CoinHero.

The publisher and founder of crypto-X believes that the emerging Economy of Tokenization is particularly in the real estate and financial industry.

“In Germany, we have Bitbond, the credits on the Blockchain awards, and Austria imitated the first state bond on the Blockchain – we are here to get a very strong Trend to the Security Token.”

The stock exchanges will be strengthened to make the digital assets in the Form of Security tokens tradable.

“The Swiss stock exchange will bring a Stable Coin on the Swiss franc out. This means we will not only see US Dollar stablecoins of the Big Techs, and other major companies, sooner or later, Central banks will bring out stablecoins,” says Miller.

According to the US regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a Token a on a specific promise to pay is coupled to a Token, not a Utility anymore, but a Security Token and thus subject to authorisation.

Due to sharp decline in cash in circulation also in countries such as Norway and Sweden, are researching a digital currency.

A crypto-parallel universe based on stablecoins

Another engine of the crypto-adaptation of the Stable Coins are, such as the now hotly debated ‘GlobalCoin’ of Social Media giant Facebook, who founded the Blockchain subsidiaries recently in Switzerland.

“Many large companies will bring out of Stable Coins, and therefore a crypto-parallel universe to create,” says Miller.

“It is very clear to me – if Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple stablecoins out, then there will be a Boom in the entire crypto-economy.”

An important milestone for the market penetration of the digital currency, the Samsung Blockchain Wallet on the Galaxy S10 model.

The ‘Blockchain Keystore’ directly on your Smartphone (currently compatible only with Ether), is, according to Miller, only the beginning of a broad introduction, and if companies such as Apple follow suit, the credit belonging to the cards are probably a thing of the past.

Without the Big Techs, Germany is lagging behind

“We neglect the digitization is complete,” says Miller.

“In Germany, we still have partial regions that have no broadband, we still write with chalk on the blackboard.”

Apart from companies such as SAP and Wirecard in Germany, little stars in the global innovation sky, the glorious economic times of companies like Bosch or Siemens are over.

Competition comes especially from small countries such as Lichtenstein, Malta, Gibraltar and Switzerland, which are developing due to favorable regulations, more and more ‘Silicon Valleys’ of the Blockchain industry.

In particular, it is up to the German policy, which must create the framework conditions of the innovation capability of the country.

“That’s how Asterix and Obelix – we are a small village and around us can be Miller in Austria, at each post-crypto-spot buy currency, just like in the French tobacco ATMs charge or at a Dutch crypto,” so.
Founder of crypto-X Markus Miller

A light glance at the Stuttgart stock exchange, behind the crypto money trading App Bison and a bitcoin marketplace with a banking license.

“A shadow on crypto development heaven, I do not see, however,” says Miller.

The trained Bank clerk sees the future in a positive way: “The fundamental pillar of the digital currencies is broken away at the time, with the super-Gau of Mt Gox, and to have survived that makes the Bitcoin stronger and the state can prohibit today simply can not afford more crypto to.”

Markus Miller writes in his book, “Financial self-defense”, which will be released in November. More information on

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