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Roberto Martinez warns against Kazakhstan, and I don’t want to reveal a lot about Gambling, but has high praise for Origi, De Bruyne, and Williams

40cb8f4e7d3d67b495019083fdaff3a7 - Roberto Martinez warns against Kazakhstan, and I don't want to reveal a lot about Gambling, but has high praise for Origi, De Bruyne, and Williams

Roberto Martinez is trying to Friday, during the press conference at the national training centre in Tubize in vain to get the attention of the numerous journalists present at the direction of, the EC-kwalificatieduel on Saturday against Kazakhstan, and to keep pushing.

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The focus has been mainly on the soon-to-be the transfer of Eden Hazard to Real Madrid, but the coach didn’t want to be a lot of comment about the impending transfer of his master and sent the answer in in the direction of the match against the Netherlands. “Eden, it is excellent. It is only natural that they would normally be worn the pro. It’s now been over a year that the rumours of a Switch to Real progress, but as of today, it is about the united kingdom. At each tournament, with its great country and great countries are non-existent”, he left two defenders scoring. “So, you need to always be at your best.”

Coach warns of Kazakhstan (no joke)

Martinez was referring to the heavy 5-2 defeat to the Devils in november of last year and into the bathroom. Switzerland was much too strong, and placed, as, thanks to a better goal difference at the expense of the Red Devils to the Final Four of the Nations and world cup. “The match in Switzerland, it has been shown that in international competitions are always the top need to be. Otherwise, you win and are not. Kazakhstan has been a strong start to the qualifiers. The team is fit, because the competition is still in full swing. Since January, they have by Michal Bilek, a new coach, and he showed them how he wants to play football. The group and I would like to be in your own home with the three points in the address, so that we are in October, and with a greater peace of mind, to Kazakhstan, and able to go.”

“Divock Origi is training very, very sharp”

With Divock Origi (Liverpool), Jan Vertonghen, and Toby Alderweireld (both White) were in less than a week ago, I saw three of the Red Devils on the field during the final of the Champions League. This was not, however, get them to set up a savings account in Kazakhstan. “We have a group of 28 to have any fatigue and injuries come in to play,” said Martinez. “However, this is not the case for Divock, john and Toby. Divock is training very sharply, and with a big smile on our faces, and a lot of self-confidence. Jan and Toby have repacked it after the lost final battle, and can also be done. For me, it’s a luxury, this time in a fully-fit group to be able to count on. Everyone is exceptionally well trained. So I have a lot of options.”

“Williams is a future captain,”

Kevin De Bruyne was one of the players who, after a long absence, this week was one of them. “We’ve really missed out”, it was decided Marintez. “It’s such a shame that all the games to miss out on. It’s true, that’s Youri Tielemans in the meantime, you did an excellent job as his replacement. Youri has for me as a coach, have always done a very good job, since it was the first time. For me, it is that he is a future captain of the national team. The return of Kevin to offer more options. In such a big group like ours, competition is needed. We want to get better as a team. It is the faith since the time of the bronze medal last year at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Russia, it has just kept on growing. Everyone knows that there is more to the movie.”