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Play-off (2) get a facelift from next year, a renewed play-off 3

2476c6fdb1fe28d70a042fdffbd63a65 - Play-off (2) get a facelift from next year, a renewed play-off 3

The annual General Meeting of the Pro League handled some of the difficult issues, including the reform of the play-off (2). There will be a new service starting next year, with a revamped play-off 3 is in the professional football falls.

Play-off 1 competition, with the top six teams from the regular season that come together to determine national champions will be.

Play-off (2) on the other hand, is undergoing a major face-lift. Instead of two sets of six teams (9 teams in 1A, and three of the teams in 1B) we are now in four groups of four teams, with four teams. Which are the top ten teams in 1A that do not comply with the PO1 is allowed to take part in it, including the degradant of PO1, and is complimented by six teams in 1B above, including for the team that was promoted, and the number of five and six year-old.

The sixteen teams were divided into four groups of four each at home and fight for six rounds. The four poulewinnaars qualify for the semi-finals, where the back – and-terugmatchen the two finalists will be found. The finale is round and terugwedstrijden.

What is new is the creation of the play-offs (3) with the number seven-and eight-1B. They make it in a best-of-five, who will get relegated from the professional football. The number seven in the overall classification will receive a three point lead and the home advantage.