Pedro Sanchez may be the Spanish king’s government, to form

f16feb0ef17cd9d3d58874ed8a764aff - Pedro Sanchez may be the Spanish king's government, to form

For more than a month after the Spanish parliamentary elections, the king Felipe VI on Thursday, deputy prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, responsible for the coalition formation process.

The king held two days of consultations, and the evening was almost caught the last one to come in. The choice for the liberal leader, it is no surprise, as the Socialist Arbeidspartij (PSOE) – election by the end of april, is clearly won.

However, they do not form an absolute majority in the national assembly. In order to have the necessary votes in the house of representatives to come, it will be Noted may be dependent on smaller, regional parties, and, if possible, to the Catalan separatists.

At the election of the prime minister in the Spanish parliament as a candidate in the first round, an absolute majority is required. In the second session, it is sufficient with a simple majority vote. When the voting will actually take place is not yet clear, said the chairman of the Meritxell Batet on Thursday.

Up to now, it has Noted, for example, because of the elections to the European parliament, there are no actual negotiations with the other party. Today, he is just definitely out of the 123 votes of the PSOE members of parliament, which is 350 seats.