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Nothing is on the screen and get used to it

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The Flemish production companies to warn once again to a crisis in which the whole sector is threatened. Due to the disruption of taxshelter, cost savings for the stations, and the fierce competition.

Even though programs such as ” How can I say this?’, ‘Down the Road’ and ‘Taboo’ to win, and another series of international, high-eyes, there are behind-the-scenes, never-before-seen crisis, off, sound in the industry.

According to the VOFTP, the professional association of the Flemish, Independent Film and television production experience, that will crisis the numbers of victims. Well it will place the cup under go to, and transmitters shall be continuous to switch to zomermodus. And so, at a time when Flanders on the international map with an innovative, attractive program.

The complaint is that the collection has been around for quite a while (which is The Default, and 9th of april), but in The Morning, brings you the plea for help to get back to training.

There are a couple of reasons. The mode in which the Flemish tv stations to sit in, is making itself felt. At the VRT (flemish state of the control under some pressure from the commercial broadcasters, the advertising income is under pressure. In part, because viewers will now have the opportunity to have the commercial breaks to play, in part because, as advertisers turn to facebook, Google+, or YouTube.

Moreover, with the taxsheltersysteem, in which companies with a tax advantage when they are in the audio-visual productions, and to invest in its brands. After the taxshift is, the system is less attractive for firms so that there is less money in the pot to be divided. Last year, for the first time, a little money to get all of our current projects.

And then there is the explosive growth in the number of production houses, which took a toll on him as well. The competition is fierce.

The VOFTP have a plan and be ready to make an order, to avoid. They are calling on the investeringsplicht to grow and expand. Similarly, mobile operators, videoplatformen such as YouTube as well as manufacturers of television sets and laptop computers that have a certain percentage of their sales in the netherlands, Belgium, rotate to re-invest in the audio-visual sector.

Also, the companies that are already doing it, such as Telenet, Proximus, or watch Netflix, we need more contributions, the VOFTP.