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Kevin De Bruyne is happy after a difficult season, to be back for the Red Devils: “I spent a lot of time”

6c72b624655c2adf8954c9917602d6b9 - Kevin De Bruyne is happy after a difficult season, to be back for the Red Devils: “I spent a lot of time”

Kevin De Bruyne extended the past few weeks, and with Manchester City with a win in the FA Cup, and a second title in a row in the Premier League will be a good end to a difficult season. After injuries to both of knees on him before the new year, almost all of the games were missing, and he was at the end of the season and re-defining itself.

“It is, of course, was not much fun, as long as along the side of the face”, approved De Bruyne on Friday at the press conference of the Red Devils in the lead-up to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS kwalificatieduels against Kazakhstan (Saturday) and Scotland (Tuesday). “I spent a lot of time, but once I had recovered I got to the team, however, is still sufficient to be able to help you.”

The belgian missed out this season in 29 matches for Manchester City, but that’s not to say that he is now fit to feel, a injury free season. “Badly need some-more effort on the part of a player’s fit-out,” explained the KDB is off. “I feel so, well, not helpful. I’m feeling good, not too tired, but I will still check it out for a real vacation. I’ve had a lot of bad luck this season, but I’m still glad that I made it to season properly, I was able to finish.”

After the FA Cup win against Watford, had De Bruyne for two weeks. He was also unlucky to have have two competitions to be working. “That schedule was so tight. We, as players, of course, nothing to say about it. However, it is true, however, that it is not perfect, it is in the field of injury prevention. I hope everyone is fit and no injury to the holidays, or preparing to enter the portal.”

“Youri did a great job on my position”

The Red Devils missed out De Bruyne in all competitions since the fifa world cup this past summer in Italy. “I am, indeed, quite a while back!”, he said. “It was a year ago. It is a lot of fun just to see it. I am due to my long absence, not substantiated. Everyone knows that I was in any contest, want to show it. I have a my injuries, nothing has changed. I’m still the same player as in the past few years. It was during my absence that made Youri (Williams, ed.). it’s perfect in my position. Youri have for the past few years, a lot of progress is made. I saw him at Monaco, didn’t play, but heard he’s quite a bit had to give. With the Red Devils and Leicester City, he did very well. He was, moreover, at a very young age. If I am with the games? It, of course. The choice is up to the national team, but I can do it with everyone together.”

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