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It runs smoothly

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Three skatende guys are going to go down in the ‘Minding the gap’, a film that is about so much more than skating alone. The best of movies in the cinema, picked by our filmrecensent Jeroen Well.


Minding the gap

Skating to forget about them.

The twelve-year long filming of the American, Bing and Liu are a skatende friends. The result is a thought-provoking documentary about the skateboards, paternity, domestic violence, and the inability of young men to talk about the essence of it.

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The wild pear-tree,

Turkish delight.

If the middle of Antwerp’s Meir shopping street, a diamond was in place, would you want him to pick it up? Or would it not get attention, the focus is on the highly-priced, ready-made clothing in the shop windows?

The stone, which is the new film from Nuri Bilge Ceylan, who, with his last jewel, the Golden Palm won in Cannes, france. The Turkish director, will be ignored by the general public, he knows only too well: with The wild pear-tree , he has made a film about an aspiring young writer, who, with indifference. Pick it up.

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A comic tragedy.

Well known in France, unjustly unknown in Belgium, the Belgian actress Virginie Efira’s been at a high level in the French movie, Sibyl, in addition to Adèle Exarchopoulos (La vie d’Adèle).

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Vox Lux

Natalie Portman sings a pop.

One of the biggest talents in the regiestoel is Brady Corbet. He started out as an actor, among other things, a portrayal in Michael Hanekes American version of Funny games. In his third film as a director, to play Natalie Portman’s a pop singer.

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Dolor y gloria.

Pedro Almodóvar by Pedro Almodóvar.

Antonio Banderas is playing an alter-ego of Pedro Almodóvar: director on the Todo sobre mi madre, Le con ella and La mala educación lay her on the operating table, in a melancholy mood. For a film to live in.

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