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Impressive, Remco Evenepoel lead by Deceuninck – a Quick Step to a victory in the Hammer, We, in the Netherlands, Vaals

9129b4b5b8d07f175fccb1a474dcba2f - Impressive, Remco Evenepoel lead by Deceuninck - a Quick Step to a victory in the Hammer, We, in the Netherlands, Vaals

Under the influence of a very, Remco Evenepoel has made – Quick-Step in the afternoon for the victory, caught in the Hammer, We will, in the first stage of the “Hammer” Series in the Dutch province of Limburg. Tomorrow we have a Hammer to dash in to the program, the whole thing will be on Sunday, ended with the Hammer and Chase.

How did that Hammer, We will, this afternoon? Teams of five riders rode eight laps of 8.6 km, in and around the train station. On top of the vaalserberg mountain, near the tri-border region, it was the finish line. At each visit, were the points to be awarded to the first ten riders. The second, the fifth, and final, round will be double points. The team with the most points, if, after the winner’s call.

Beautiful people

And it was in the afternoon, in the train station is pretty nice and the people at the starting line. Olympic champion, Greg Van Avermaet, for example, for a CREDIT. Whether Tim Wellens on behalf of team Lotto-Soudal. But, Remco Evenepoel. The young man from Deceuninck – Quick-Step has to be to speak. Greg Van Avermaet was the first to sound the call to advance, but he was immediately countered by a short Evenepoel. Also Tim Wellens tried it once in the race, but he, too, had Evenepoel it. The world champion in the junior sprokkelde the different klassementspurten is also quite a lot of points, but the Pool is of a Good bath Macej Bodnar showed himself to be an angry customer.

Solo for the win

But then, on my own, have Evenepoel have thought of it. The Dutch had been famous vluchtgezellen down, and it went on for more than twenty miles from the finish line solo. The young Belgian a solo ride, proved to be his last year in juniors with the world championships time trial. But the juniors are not pros, we can think of. Well, that’s theory, refused to Evenepoel to be respected. The young man stepped quickly in a minute and the lead with each other, and when it gets more than the rider in front of them and began to watch it, the sensation is a fact of life. Evenepoel rode solo to the victory, and held it to the finish line more than a minute on the first chasers.

The first profzege?

This Is one of the first profzege Remco Evenepoel? Officially it is not. The “Hammer” Series, there is no an individual wins, you can only have as a team to win. But the fact that the young Belgian made a strong impression, and the title of the Deceuninck – Quick-Step, fell to the lot of Belgian talent. Even if it was a race of just under seventy kilometers away, in the way that it has a deep and lasting impression left on all of the followers. You can put things into perspective, but it was good to the very, very, very impressive.

The dagzege it was, therefore, to Deceuninck’s Quick Step. She took the STAND, and team Lotto-Soudal. Tomorrow, the Hammer and Sprint for the program.