Hannelore Bedert (for the moment) on the podium

46b25222bbc3727eac1bd778634d1804 - Hannelore Bedert (for the moment) on the podium

It has been almost 4 months since the life of Hannelore Bedert a hell of a job it was. On the 17th of February, the death of her husband, Stu, as a result of a heart failure. There is a saying that life goes on and that it is not self-evident. So, there are choices to be made, find out what was more, in the meantime all of them. “There needs to be a man, taking the plunge, which is very, very tough. And yet… I did last week, to bite the bullet and where, for weeks I have been questioned, but now, for the peace and quiet in my head. As of mid-February, our life has completely changed. I try to be a better mom to my kids than I have been trying to be, I will try them all to tell them about the incredible man their father was. I have to warm myself from the huge group of friends and family that I have, day and night, from soon as we can. It’s going to. And sometimes it’s not possible at all. Then I have to sound the alarm. And then there’s the heat. Everywhere!”, schrijt it on Facebook.

“But I also feel that I long for in the room where I have so often sung to me. I need some peace and quiet to do with. And a period of time. In order to find out how we will continue to do so without Stu. We like to be able to be used. In the next few years, I won’t be on the stage again. Of the many, many nights away from the children, and the turmoil in my head, it doesn’t know whether or not I actually still have the note, my mouth will have to think of the others for a lovely evening while my children have their mother have to leave behind … that I don’t get placed in my head,” the singer continued.