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Hamilton’s crash during the second free practice in Canada, Ferrari was at the top of

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After the Mercedes at the first training session with both cars at the top, came out on top, it was in the course of the second session in a Ferrari to the top position. For the CHAMPIONSHIP leader-Lewis Hamilton in the second session, we have a much less smooth. The Briton cracked with a Mercedes F1 car against the wall in turn nine and drove, therefore, have significantly less buttons than the competition.

During the second training session for the grand prix of Canada, we had been a bit more of a spectacle than the first one. All the riders were looking very obviously more to the limit, and this brought a variety of riders, just can’t, or just be in contact with the walls of a room, in various corners, but very close.

Five F1 champions Lewis Hamilton, was one of them. The British came in heavy contact with the wall at turn nine and damaged his Mercedes F1 car will be so severe that he will end up with a broken back to the pit lane, had to drive back.

Max Verstappen may be, however, is not the world champion of Formula 1, the Dutchman was looking for a contact with the famous ‘Wall of Champions’. The wall is located at the exit of the last corner of the track.

After a lot of due to F1, the cars are allowed to the painters, to work with the Pirelli logo, once again, to put on the wall.

In the end it was the Ferrari, with both cars all the way to the top came to an end. Leclerc was a little less than one-tenth faster than Sebastian Vettel. Valtteri Bottas was in his Mercedes, just a little more than one in ten admit to.

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