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Gilbert, He introduces himself as a prime candidate to get back to

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Gilbert He did on Friday, through a letter to the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) is officially a candidate to get back to it. That is reported by the newspaper The News on Friday, and He himself confirmed to be There. On the 22nd of June will be the annual general meeting and a successor chosen, and for years back Was Linard.

He took the decision to proceed just as in the 2017 election, in cooperation with the Dutch amateurvleugel Football in Flanders, of which he is president.

The 73-year-old voetbalbestuurder, who is known for his knowledge of the bondsreglement, the successor to the Linard of the royal belgian football association, especially to accompany a phase transition. “The most important thing for the next few years, the roll-out of the elfpuntenplan is that the CEO Peter Bossaert, and the board of directors, where I have established routes. If we are able to perform, it is a wonderful thing. It seems to me, is not intended to be the meantime, a parallel political conduct.”

He is tight and 74 years of age and approaching the age of 75 years. If he was, it seems to be not long presidency ahead. “You know, I don’t have a problem with a tussenpaus-to-be. It might even be better. The next season is to get to the royal belgian football association, in a brand-new structure. That is an adjustment. Even if I only have it for a year, he can be, I can use my experience within the areas of the bond will be of good help. It’s not the first time that you have someone for only one season, it would be called,” said He, referring to the resigning back Linard.

This is the second time He shot at the presidency. At the end of June, 2017, he had to be removed from the game at Linard, who was the president of the French-speaking amateurvleugel ACFF and the interim chief executive officer of the association. The president of the Football in Flanders were asked to then back, François De Keersmaecker was re-elected, as He more likely would have to make. He submitted his application the day before the annual general meeting, however, it was not supported by the Pro League, and it was only 8 of the 22 votes cast.