For the love of Music soon to be on the radio?

For the love of Music soon to be on the radio?

Tomas De Soete, is back with the girls Fiskepark is on the Canvas and on the same radio show. But By The Sweet will still be a separate project to evaluate a radioversie For the Love of Music!!!

Tomas De Soete, appeared in the last few years, however, the world is gone after “the devil’s own hand,” Café Corsari, in the show, at one of which, together with Freek Braeckman and presented. Frank then moved on to VTM, while Thomas was struggling with an identity crisis. “In the first instance, felt it break like a relief. I didn’t get too intense,” said Tomas De Soete, who is in the first instance, enjoyed in order to relax. But it soon came to be the presenter of its..

“When the belgian had given me the task to get myself to heruit to be found. I just had to be himself, to think about my future, and I don’t have to do it. I myself have encountered…” – Suddenly started By The Sweet-to have doubts and to struggle with an identity and a crisis of confidence. “I was beginning to question my future and what I wanted. To be honest, I didn’t have as well.” Tomas De Soete, aware that the uncertainty of him not the most light-hearted of French in the home…

“I was in a lot of to think, in the end, I had almost made a dent in my self-esteem pondered.” As for the inspiration, it’s well worth it when you get everything removed. Fortunately, his very own special inspiration. “We came up with the story of Thomas, and the forty-something with four kids, who are to take his enthusiasm was allowed to do and compliments received, and who now, for the first time, no new commands to it. His career is starting to ripple.” And so it was with his own crisis of confidence as the basis of Fiskepark.