Extra gig #LikeMe in the Lotto Arena

a6c1bd4ee8467105bbe64fb643b062ee - Extra gig #LikeMe in the Lotto Arena

It’s going to be hard for the Teen-sensation, #LikeMe. Last week was the cast of yet another platinum album for the sales of their debut album, in the meantime, more than 20,000 copies!
Pommelien, Maxim, Camille, Monica and Francisco are seated, as it were, in a dream, and it will start soon, with the release of the second season of the successful Teen series. After two sold-out Lotto Arena’s this year, it would be #LikeMe again next year at the Lotto Arena for two shows on Saturday the 5th of april. But it’s going to be so hard, and that in the meantime, an additional concert has been added to it. On Saturday 4th of april 2020 in order to 18 hours to get to #LikeMe at the concert in the Lotto Arena. Tickets are now on sale.