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Club Brugge president Bart Verhaeghe steps occur in football: “My job is to take it off”

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After six years as a member of the conduct Committee and three years as vice-president to get on Bart Verhaeghe (54) as managing director of the Belgian football association. The chairman of Club Brugge and will now focus on his club and to his business, in addition to the game of football.

Verhaeghe has always had the perception that because he, as a president of a club, it’s on to the strings pulled by the football association. There was a lot of internal criticism from other clubleiders, but no one can deny the fact that Verhaeghe quite a bit in the hallway, put on by the association. Together with the chairman of the Gerard Linard, he was sure that the red and black numbers were the same. More than 8 million euros in 2016 to a plus of eur 13 million this year.

“There are a lot of challenges in the international football, both nationally and internationally,” explains Verhaeghe its decision. “I have a feeling that my work in football is finished. There is also a more professional structure, with a management team led by ceo Peter Bossaert day-to-day management. I have been to the royal belgian football association is increasingly being deployed in the best interest of the us in the Belgian football. Be positive and made in good faith. However, I set up my appointment, which by the way ends at your disposal. My job has come to an end. The strategic work has been done to the royal belgian football association is also ready for the future.”

Bart Verhaeghe explained just as the 24 teams in the Pro League at the annual General Meeting of shareholders. He pointed out that even in his creations.

“We have a bond, invested in the sporting and professional staff, and we have had a vision of all our national teams,” says Verhaeghe. “We have a city called Tubize is finished, and there have been new investments were approved for the Red Devils, a top-to-frame for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2020. The new bondsreglement will soon go into effect. There was to be an independent and professional functioning of the bondsparket be installed, just like the independent and professional functioning of the arbitration shall be in accordance with the rules of the European football body, Uefa. Also, the income of the commercial contracts can be improved. I want to thank everyone for the faith.

Verhaeghe does the future hold for the league, even without him and still be positive about it.

“There is no doubt still a lot of work, and I have every confidence in the directors and officers of the royal belgian football association that they will work, be positive, be open, honest, and professional, and will go on about it.’