Cast of Neighbors, a visit to the Home

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On Wednesday, the 12th of June, and the actors Stefan Dennis and Rebekah Elmaloglou from the Australian series Neighbours, and a visit to the Home. The cast and crew in their element with a unique visit to the Home and the actors look forward to Dennis and Rebekah, to receive, to lead on the set, and to the surprise of Belgian cuisine.

“It’s a very nice idea, the cast of Neighbors, to come and visit. Hotel is next to The evening news, the longest-running program on the Flemish television and, in addition, is the most popular foreign soap in the region. If the question is whether or not they’re visiting be allowed to come in, then hang on for a second. These “Neighbors” are always welcome, and we will make sure that they are the ‘home away from Home’ feel,” said Hans-Rays, the producer of one’s Home.