A New York man charged with plotting terrorist attack in the heart of Times Square

b180002066f9f7f64435ab2f02fe9ae6 - A New York man charged with plotting terrorist attack in the heart of Times Square

A New York man was on Friday charged with the illegal purchase of a firearm, which he wanted to use it to make a stop to take in the heart of Times Square, is one of the busiest places in new york city. That made the federal authorities of the United States of america well-known.

It’s going to be the 22-year-old Ashiqul Alam, of Jackson Heights, which is located in the borough of Queens. Visiting was on Thursday arrested after he and two Glock 19 mm semi-automatic pistol without a serial number had been purchased by undercover police officers. This is stated in the complaint, which news agency Reuters was able to consult.

During an interview with a undercoveragent was Visiting, said that he was in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 toejuichte. In addition, he expressed his support for the islamic terrorist organisation the Islamic State (IS). He besprek by the agent, the possibility of a terrorist attack, to carry by themselves up.

‘Alam wished to clearly security officials, and ordinary citizens are dead due to a terrorist attack, the new Times Square, ” says attorney Richard’donoghue in a statement.

Previously, the target

With millions of visitors each year, Times Square is already a couple of times earlier, is an attractive target and demonstrated by others. On may 1, 2010 and decommissioned the police bomauto in the heart of Times Square. A pakistani guy born American, pleaded guilty and admitted that he, with the assistance and financial support had been received from the taliban. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

In December 2017, had a man from india and a home-made bomb attached to his body, and exploding it in a crowded pedestrian tunnel near the heart of Times Square. The man is hit by the explosion itself, were injured and were picked up by the police.