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Yellow Tigers overklassen now champion of Serbia

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The Belgian women were employed in Kortrijk (belgium) on their latest “home of the Nations to League against the reigning world champion and vice-champion of Serbia, although it was not his heaviest guns down at the Lange Munte’. However, if the result is to be seen: with a dry 3-0.

The Captain Of the Constitution, and co. were definitely not impressed, and the visitors immediately under pressure. It was a strong game in the moneytime, quickly double-setwinst the troubles tegenspartelende visitors blitzstart in the third turn (11-3 actually made the rest of it, in spite of a small dip halfway through the set, so that’s a fifth victory and no longer need to worry about any degradation.

Match results: 25-21, 25-21

France: the silent powers Of 3, Grobelna 6, Herbots 24, Of the Frame 13, The Sobolska 3, m. Smith 8; libero: Guilliams, and Valkenborg. Came with: Goliath (4) Of Team 2, And Stragier 1