Veldinspectie the need for the duel in the Orange due to heavy rain

4ce00da41912fca2da374976a1a17b8b - Veldinspectie the need for the duel in the Orange due to heavy rain

Veldinspectie the need for the duel in the Orange due to heavy rain

06 June, 2019 19:16
06-06-19 at 19:16
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The Dutch national team, is competing Thursday night in a four star hotel in England to have a place in the final of the first edition of Nations and world cup. The winner will take on Sunday in the final showdown against Portugal. Follow the match (kick-off 20: 45) in our liveblog.

Hi! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld, and in this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on the events in the Netherlands, England and in the Nations-League.

  • The Nations League
  • Final
  • The netherlands, England, is questionable due to rain
  • Kick-off at 20: 45

A 7-minute geledenVolgens’s Twitter, the English premier league is the forth in a four star hotel which cleared up. Still waiting on the results of the veldkeuring.

The calm during the storm 🌧
Not long until our #ThreeLions arrive, and they’ll be pleased to know, the weather has cleared up!!!


AuteurEnglandMoment of plaatsen19:19 – June 6, 201914 minutes geledenOndertussen create a group of Dutch supporters going to the stadium. We’ll have to wait for the result of the veldinspectie act as an arbitrator Between a Robe.

Orange is everywhere! 💪
#NationsLeague #NEDENG


AuteurOnsOranjeMoment of plaatsen19:12 – 6-June-201917-minute geledenTelegraaf-correspondent Mike o’connor reported that the French referee Clement Turpin is busy on his inspection of the pitch at the stadium Estadio D. Afonso Henriques.

Turpin clears the field, in the Hotel, but continue the #Netherlands, united states. England certainly seems like #nedeng


AuteurMike VerweijMoment of plaatsen19:10 – June 6, 201922 hours ago

The heavy rainfall and then the fun is not in the Sub-legion.31 minutes geledenHet’s been raining all day, raining cats and dogs in the territory of the city. These pictures were earlier in the evening from the stadium.

The UEFA officials will be checking the pitch here in a four star hotel as the rain hammers down.
It has been raining, they mainly concern heavily for the last two hours ahead of England v the netherlands.


AuteurtalkSPORTMoment of plaatsen17:may 28 – June 6, 201933 hours ago

It is still questionable whether or not the Netherlands-and England can go on tonight. The rainfall in the four star hotel requires the procedure to have a veldinspectie at 19: 00.The 42-minute geledenWat going to the Netherlands, England and, according to you?

  • England to win more than
  • England to win a close
  • England to win more than
  • England will win a close

The 43-minute geledenMet for another two hours before kick-off, we will focus our sights and slowly in the Netherlands, in England, in the semi-final of the Nations League. Stake is a place in the final of the landentoernooi, in which the host country Portugal, he is.Back to top

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