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TV-tipps. Celebrate the big day with the most iconic film about the first world War

7a814a74038aea5cffd23930c186d2ba - TV-tipps. Celebrate the big day with the most iconic film about the first world War

75 years ago, the allied forces set foot on the beaches of Normandy. The work was inspired in the meantime, many a film-maker.


Caz, 20.40 hrs

Caz has shut it’s a week full of iconic Second Wereldoorlogs movies with the most iconic and the longest, the landing on the beaches of Normandy-The longest day (1962). It wasn’t until ‘Saving private Ryan’ (1998) which is even more spectacular in the picture was made.


NPO 2, 20: 25

Yet another new Swedish politiereeks, at this time, a sequel to the successful Swedish movies. Especially great for those of which they are composed have, however, Rolf Lassgard, (A man who has About can call it that) is carved tronie will always be a pleasure for you to see.


Canvas, 21.20 h

Three-part British documentary film about the efforts of prince Mohammed bin Salman of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a modern country. Or is hervormingsdrang just a smoke screen for the West-to-spawn? Can you find someone to spawn with a smoke screen, or is that the wrong metaphor? The Prophet, may the know.

4 in RESPECT of

Canvas 20 pm

The mission of the informateurs, Johan Vande Lanotte and mr Didier Reynders, was today extended up to June 17. Political commentators , Rik Van Cauwelaert , and Bernard Demonty in the studio to explain. This is followed by a interview with a CDH-president, Maxime Prévot, which yesterday announced it is to opt for a oppositiekuur. Finally, a report on the celebration of the 75 years of D-day: the Matter was, and spoke to a Belgian who also was one of them.


The Canvas, 20: 30

Today was the final day of the Theresa May and prime minister of the United Kingdom. Lia van Bekhoven to know all about it.” Christoph D’haese (N-VA), the mayor of Aalst, belgium, and the philosopher Ignaas Devisch have an opinion about the racist letter, in which, in the past few days, circulated in Brussels. It Is for the company to get in the coarsening or single ones? Finally, it should be a psychiatrist Dirk De Wachter the loftrompet like his idol, Leonard Cohen. That’s as a result of the sale of a number of letters from Cohen to his muse, Marianne Ihlen.