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Transferkoorts for the Red Devils: Youri Tielemans confirms agreement with as Monaco for you to leave”

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On Saturday, play for the Red Devils in their euro cup qualifier match against Kazakhstan, but at the moment it seems to be mostly in the transferkoorts to live with it. Youri Tielemans, the past few months and have a great second half of the season at Leicester City, and the 22-year-old from Brussels, drew the attention of nearly all the English clubs. “It’s true that several big clubs have polled my management”, he left Williams this Thursday, noting during a press conference at the training centre in Tubize. “There is an agreement with Monaco for the summer, you can leave.”

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Of the 21 times the Red Devil, it seems, as almost for sure it’s over for the next season out…. “Over the past few weeks have been negotiating with several clubs, explained to Williams, out. “The risk is very small that I have to return to Canada. I’ve had some fine times, to be polite, and learned a lot, but it was the right decision in January to go to Leicester to go to. Leicester is a big club, but at the same time, a very family-friendly. Everyone, let me really feel at ease, both on and off the field. In the second half of the season went very well. The level was very high, but I do know my own level, and knew that I would be able to handle. Often they will have seen that I have developed. After the season, the club and my management have a match. A transfer in the summer, it is possible.”

Williams also pointed out that it is a final sale, he still has a contract with Monaco until mid-2022, ed.). are preferred. “I just want to have a stable future, and not in every year of the club will change. I am now on a permanent transfer to a club in a European top league. I was standing in front of a lot of clubs open, and I’m optimistic. The most important thing is that I have a lot of players. It is true that I was following the game at Manchester City a few of the words have changed by Pep Guardiola, but there have to be you, there is nothing behind the look.”

After the world cup, it was Williams, also from the Red Devils is more important. The midfielder has started in each of the duel, and after the world Cup. For the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifiers on Saturday (Kazakhstan), and on Tuesday, Scotland) is, for the first time in the CHAMPIONSHIP, with Kevin De Bruyne, however, is again one of the party. “Not a problem for me, riposteerde Williams. “I am very pleased with my performance, with the Devils after the world cup. I have played just about everything, and I know that the coaching staff is also pleased with me. The trainer should be able to with the return of Kevin to make a choice. Anyway, he’s a great player, but I’m definitely ready to get my place in order to preserve it.”