Today Telefacts Summer

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Multi-level marketing and also network marketing or in short MLM is a business model to make money by immediate selling of products and services. You get to work from home, pay for your own expenses, and will receive a commission on what you sell. On social media, there are thousands and thousands of mysterious jobs, often in the field of personal care products. The job offers will promise extremely high salaries, cars and holidays, but the job state is seldom to be what it really is.

In the Telefacts the Summer on Thursday, June 6, will examine a reportagemaakster of the Uk’s public service broadcaster, or the fact it matches with what these companies seem to have worked. She also speaks to women who are victims, feel like Jumping, “You are there day and night working on it. I went to my friends anymore. My family said that it was a cult, I did not deny that. The companies will tell you to get people to stay away from those that you do not support it. My partner and I had an argument.”