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The new TELEVISION building is three months behind on the

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The construction of the new building of the VRT on the boulevard Reyers, in Brussels, has been delayed. While the public broadcasting service in 2021 have been moved to want to take, the move is likely to bid for the 2024 games. This is attested to TELEVISION spokesman Bob Vermeir, after The period of Time it has reported.

“The project will include a delay is because the costs are higher than planned,” says Vermeir. Originally they were which is budgeted at $ 122 million, but due to the enormous increase in the number of bouwindex and the fact that the contractors for the works in Brussels, be about 10% more to charge, it turned out, that estimate is no longer realistic.

Therefore, to free the VRT and the lower four storeys of the building plans. There are 36 car parking spaces will be lost and we are left with a 580 over it. In its new form, the project is budgeted at $ 150 million. Vermeir, stresses that the belgian and the costs of self-funding.

Next month will see the VRT in the municipality of Schaerbeek, a modified version of the submission of the planning application, that is, two years ago, for the first time it was presented. By the end of next year, the public broadcasting system to work effectively, to start with.