Steven Van Herreweghe responds to haatbrief

385b9c3024d3129e5d33dd110d14bb65 - Steven Van Herreweghe responds to haatbrief

In Visiting several families of foreign origin in a racist letter from their brievenhuis be found. This shows that the families are not allowed to have, and the results of the most recent elections, and cited, in order to give new entrants to the city is no longer tolerated, and it will be used. The writer is never for the people, when, among other rude, rude stupid, half-beasts who have no value, the past, …. Not only the Unia, the letter with great surprise to read, also have a to give himself was shocked by the fact that there are Visiting be people who haatbrieven send it out. He has a letter on social media, some of the Aalsters. “We don’t know each other, but no doubt we have a lot in common. So, we will be living, both in Brussels. I don’t know how long have you been living on, but I have lived here long enough to know that Brussels is a great city where everybody is welcome”, we read in the letter. “It is a special city, that was for sure… this is a city where the people have always been thought to say it to each other’s heads and laugh, but, then again, together by a single door. Visiting a lot of laughter, politics and ourselves in the first place, does it sound any further. And then there are excuses: “But not everyone is Visiting have the ability to laugh at it. Some people have made it very difficult. By itself, it is a life that is becoming more and more expensive it is, the world is changing. Life presents lots of little gifts. We’re going to have each of our a way to deal with it. The first one is a binnenfretter, and the other aperitieft a bit more, and there are those who in their powerlessness onto the newcomers. In Brussels we call it zoagen, kreften, and memmen. If you would like to know what that means, check out even the ‘Oiljstersen diksjoneir’.”