Russia is the D-day, over-estimated

“The landing on the beaches of Normandy was not a gamechanger for the outcome of the Second world War and the Great Patriotic War (the term used by the former soviet bloc nations, the conflict between the soviet union and nazi Germany, describing, ed.). The outcome was marked by the victories of the Red Army, mostly in Stalingrad and Kursk. Three years is a long time talmden in the United Kingdom, and the United States of america, with the opening of a second front.’

The twitter account of russia’s ministry of Foreign Affairs, is placed gisterennamiddag two case-insensitive strings, from which we can conclude that Russia, for the commemoration of 75 years, D-day, a little over the top to find.

Yesterday, several of the leaders of the allied countries and in England, together with the invasion of members. Today, there are ceremonies taking place in France. Russian president Vladimir Putin will not be present at the ceremonies because he was not invited to attend. Five years ago, that was still the case, even though it was in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, as in all of its intensity. Just a few months earlier, Russia, and the Crimea annexed. Since then, the relationship with western countries, further down the hill passed by the Skripalaffaire, and the shooting down of flight MH17 and the interference in the Brexitreferendum, and the U.s. presidential election.

The role of the former Soviet Union have played in the collapse of nazi Germany, it is even today a major factor in the Russian propaganda. In the communication of the conflict in Ukraine to fight against fascism, referred to.