Reactions to Orange and after you reach the finals of the Nations League

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Reactions to Orange and after you reach the finals of the Nations League

06 June, 2019 19:16
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The Dutch national team, is competing Thursday night in a four star hotel in England to have a place in the final of the Nations League. The winner will take on Sunday in the final showdown against Portugal. Follow the match kick-off: 20: 45) in our liveblog.

Hi! My name is Jeroen van Barneveld, and in this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on the events in the Netherlands, England and in the Nations-League.

  • The Nations League
  • Final
  • Semi-finals: Germany-England
  • Result: 3-1

2 hours ago

Koeman: ‘We were the better team
Ronald Koeman is a happy head coach after the 3-1 win over England and the setting for the final of the Nations League. “I took our leave of England. In fact, the whole game we were the better team, and better football will be played. But we were sloppy in the final phase of the attack, is Koeman still be firm with the NOS. “The team did great to recover from the 0 to 1. And the points brought up and what you’re hoping for.” (1 and 2)

7 hours ago

The Lie: “I’m very hard on myself
All of the players are experiencing that This Is the most exciting night in a Hotel. The defender caused a penalty in the 0 to 1 and reads in the second half of the 1-1 from a corner kick. “All of us have seen it, is it?”, reflects The the ball Is returned to the NOS, and when he asked for a reconstruction of 1-0. “The 1-0, I play a good one. I have to get the ball out of The Roon, and want to et a talk to solve it, but the ball slips out of my foot. It is a very, very dumb, and I know that for myself, too. This can really get you. However, it is important to be in the race to grow up. I am very hard on myself, but you do not have to stay stuck.”10 hours ago

Memphis: “It has to be empty at this moment
“The room is empty at the moment, but it was necessary, in order to improve performance”, puffs of Memphis, after the 3-1 victory over England in front of the microphone in the NIS. “I came to my feet. Of course, it will feel to reach the final is great. That made me turn out”, he means to be a roar in the underground. “It was a battle, yes. We did the stages to be difficult. It’s not the first time that we are to fight back after the 0-1.”18 hours ago

105 – Frenkie de Jong recorded more passes (105), touches (128), tackles (5) & recoveries (13) than any other player during the Netherlands v England. Clockwork.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen23:32 am – June 6, 201924 hours ago

Van Dijk: “we need to demonstrate that we are very, very good to see
“We have flashes of excellent football, let them see it. We were patient and created good opportunities,” see, captain, Virgil van Dijk, after the 3-1 victory over England in the NIS. “We had previously been scored, in the first half. Defensively, we stood our ground, is compact, and we have worked very hard. We have shown that we are very, very good and deserved to move forward.” (1 and 2)24 hours ago

Virgil van Dijk also don’t want to denigrate the Nations League, it is a landentoernooi where fame, glory and money at stake. “We want to be, as a group, our first prize pack. Everyone has their own opinions about the Nations League, but it’s still a prize,” said the captain. (2/2)27 minutes ago

The schedule of the final of the Nations League were as follows:

On Sunday, at 15.00 h.: England-Switzerland
On Sunday, 20.45 hours: Netherlands-Portugal29 hours ago

⚽ For the first time in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 score 2️⃣ for extra time in a competitive match. #nedeng #NationsLeague


AuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen23:21 – June 6, 201930 hours ago

England to win in England, and is a finalist
The netherlands achieved at the expense of England in the final of the Nations League. Orange have extension is necessary in order for the British to its knees, to give you a 3-1. This Is, of Quincy Promes and Kyle Walker’s own goal, they are spot-on for the Orange. In the final, which takes place in Portugal on Sunday to the opposing team.33 minutes ago

Behind his hand, a warm smile hidden. Quincy Promes to work in a gold-subbing off.The 37-minute geleden114′ GOAL in the new year! 3-1

The netherlands in the final of the Nations League! Again, fumbling around with the English side, on the basis of the Dutch goal. Midfielder Barkley to slide the ball in the build-up in the feet area, which will broadly put on Quincy Promes. The latter extends to be governed from within.The 39-minute geleden111′ Frenkie de Jong makes a wisselgebaar to the head coach, Ronald Koeman. Kevin Strootman is ready for subbing.The 42-minute geleden108′ of the uk with the track, obviously well after the 2-1 by the Netherlands, and another which illustrates this. The ball is on the edge of the penalty area, where there is no Englishman, but Memphis is capable of.the one-hour geleden106′ Donny van de Beek takes on Ross Barkley, and will go on to the receipt from referee Clement hour ago, theKick-off! England kicked off and the hunt is on for the second half. Does the Netherlands stand? We’re going to be in for the next quarter of an hour to see hour ago

The last-minute instructions from the coach, Ronald hour ago

Peace of mind! The netherlands is leading on the road, with the 2-1 against England, and it is only a fifteen-minute walk away from the final of the Nations League.the one-hour geledenDe 2-1 by the Netherlands.

The first is the great chance for Depay, and then collapsing the Walker is under the pressure of Promes. Amber, 2-1!


AuteurNOS VoetbalMoment of plaatsen23:02 pm – June 6, 2019één hours geledenDe 2-1 by the name of Quincy Promes, but that of the Englishman, Kyle Walker, the ball is in the end is still there.the one-hour geleden99 Almost is 3-1. Virgil van Dijk and extend to a corner, to Memphis, and that is hard to walk in the door, and neil Pickford encounter. A great response from the English goalie.the one-hour geleden97′ GOAL in the new year! 2-1

Quincy Promes is doing it!!! John Stones to pieces, and give the ball to gift it to Memphis, make sure you are on the goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, faces. In the rebound to tap it Promes to be inside. The netherlands is in the lead!the one-hour geleden95′ Vangbal! Jordan Pickford wins the free-kick from the Memphis expertly out of the air.the one-hour geleden94′ Virgil van Dijk tries a trick on his partner, This Is a copy off of a corner kick by Memphis, but in the uk it is now an eye out for it. Walker working away from the goal hour ago, theKick-off! Baltimore will give the ball a little bit. In the first part of the renewal of the Netherlands, and the uk is on its way.the one-hour geledenEen the third switch , when Orange light Davy Pröpper enters the line for the battle-weary Steven hour ago

…And spreads out his arms after a powerful, effective hour ago

The hotel is located perched on top of Kyle Walker from a one-hour geledenDe each of the coaches to give their players instruction. It’s time for us to get to the pictures of the beautiful, in favour of This Is to look at hour ago

The renewal! The netherlands and the uk, with each other at the regular time in the balance, and so we’re going to be an extension of two times fifteen minutes. The team of the coach Ronald Koeman fixed it in the second half of a 0-1 gap by This Is a clear area kiezelhard binnenkopte.the one-hour geleden90+4. What a great opportunity for the new year! Steven Bergwijn won the ball in the united penalty area, keeps the overview, and operates the Dam, which is obviously about zombies. This was too much for the Netherlands to win in extra time to steal.the one-hour geleden90+3. Jesse Lingard shares on behalf of, in England, a speldenprikje, but Jasper Cillessen watches the ball and coldly next to it. The netherlands and the uk are heading towards a renewal.the one-hour geleden90′ with The minimum of added time in the second half and seven minutes.the one-hour geleden86 united states claims, with a penalty kick after an alleged handsbal, but the slow motion seems to be on the ball for an arm, but it was on the back of an Englishman to come up. Not a penalty, according to the VAR.the one-hour geleden85′ REJECTED! It remains a 1-to-1 in a Hotel, because of the hit on Jesse Lingard is disallowed because of offside!the one-hour geleden84 ” The videoscheidsrechter look at the pictures.the one-hour geleden83′ GOAL in the uk. 1-2

Jesse Lingard is a parody of the Netherlands is in mourning. The attacker is totally free and it will slide in, but is this not offside?the one-hour geleden80, ” The supporters of the Orange blows in the hands of a piece of for This Is that, with a great care for the animals of England have a great chance to relieve.the one-hour geleden78, ” There it is, the Netherlands is close to the 2-1. The team that cuts like a hot knife through to the Uk and butter, and the ball falls to the feet of Donny Brook, who is like a jack in a box pops up in the penalty box. He leans a little too much to sit back and shoot all over it.the one-hour geleden77′ Third bill of exchange in England: Jordan Henderson replaces Fabian Delph.the one-hour geledenOok Gary Lineker has been impressed with the drumming on This Is.

That’s one helluva header from The Hotel. Deligtful, you could say.


AuteurGary LinekerMoment of plaatsen22:21 – June 6, 20192 pm geleden76, ” It promises to be a wonderful quarter of an hour in there are many. The uk and the netherlands to leave the defensive trenches and draw without restraint upon the point of attack.A 2-hour geleden73′ GOAL in the new year! 1-to-1

This Is said as a slogan, and the relief on his face to get it right. For the defender to recover to his ketser in the 0 to 1, of England, has a clear area kiezelhard against the ropes and down to the ends. A beautiful kopgoal following his departure to chelsea. The netherlands is in line with the uk.A 2-hour geleden72, ” A foot, a leg, a head, which is the English part of the body does the Orange not shot down? The team of the coach Ronald Koeman knows the English language wall, not to destroy it.A 2-hour geleden70 ” Harry Kane will kick in, not at the ball, but at the lower legs of Daley Blind and it will go in the yellow box allocated from referee Clement Turpin.A 2-hour geleden68′ head Coach Ronald Koeman takes action with a double-bill of exchange: Donny from the river, and Quincy Promes resolve, Marten de Roon on piano, and Ryan Babel, ex.A 2-hour geleden65, ” A flowing attack from the Orange. By Using the Dumfries and Steven Bergwijn enters the ball to Marten de Roon, who edged sixteen meters out of it. An English bone prevents an attempt on goal.A 2-hour geleden61′ Second bill of exchange for the united kingdom: Jadon Sancho, was replaced by Jesse Lingard.2 hours ago

60′ The ball will fly on the largest, and the opportunity to follow each other in rapid succession. In this semi-final seems to be impossible to make a 0 to 1 to the end.A 2-hour geleden58, ” The call is from Ajax, and has also, coach Ronald Koeman is reached. Donny van de Beek and it starts to warm up.Back to top

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