Paris doesn’t allow the parking of an electric scooter on a sidewalk

53e6bed899388113c65e2d99ebb368d6 - Paris doesn't allow the parking of an electric scooter on a sidewalk

The Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo (PS) last Thursday, in a no parking zone, announced for electric scooters on the pavements of the French capital. In addition, the operators of the deelsteps asked to do the speed limit. Hidalgo is hoped that these measures, from July to go in.

Electric scooters will now have to park in the parking spaces on the street, which is already being used by motorized two-wheelers and cars, ” said Hidalgo during a press conference. The city asked the operators to the speed of the bikes to bring them back up to a 20 mile-per-hour in the entire city, and even up to 8 km, in pedestrian zones. Hidalgo added that there is a ban on vehicles in the parks and gardens of the city, and that the wearing of a helmet will be helpful.

The electric deelsteps did a year ago, their appearance in the French capital, and now has more than 20,000. A regulatory framework is in place, however, is not. Just like in Bordeaux, Lyon and Strasbourg are waiting in Paris for the adoption of a framework law on the mobility, that is, the parliament is currently discussing. This act shall be cities and towns to allow for a new system for means of transport, such as bicycles, Segways and electric scooters, under control.

In anticipation of the approval, asked Hidalgo to the operators to make their fleet is not expanding’. Although there are no official figures exist on the number of accidents in Paris, with the electric steps, in which pedestrians are involved in the process, they made it for the last time, several times in the media.